Understanding Different Types of Foundation Repairs

Understanding Different Types of Foundation Repairs

As homes age, there are often problems with the foundation. Whether it is cement decaying, mold colonies or wood rot, the root of the foundational problems can almost always be traced back to the existence of water. As the liquid seeps into crevices, soaks into the wood and absorbs into cement, the weather conditions cause it to expand or contract well below the soil level. Once the moisture invades the home’s foundation, problems begin to appear, including foundation crumbling, buckling, and heaving. Thankfully, there are foundation repair companies that can save your home from further problems.

Soil Expansion

When water leaches into soil filled with clay, it expands as the liquid fills the dry earth. The soil expansion then causes the foundation to heave. When home construction teams fail to adequately compact soil when building the foundation, the soil expansion when water is introduced will also result in settling.

Foundation Repair

Past foundation repair efforts employed concrete, wood and steel to shore up the slab in an attempt to correct serious problems. These attempts proved less than adequate the majority of the time. The newest repair method is known as slab jacking, which involves pumping concrete into the foundation and moving it back under the house.

Ground Stabilization

Some serious foundation issues require piers or piles to support the foundation or slab. The long screws are drilled into the earth and used to secure the foundation as it is moved. This method is used along with the unique cement mixture that stabilizes the area. Once the ground is secure and the foundation or slab is rebuilt, the building can be reattached.

Soil Experts

If you have a foundation issue, contact your locate soil and foundation specialists. After long years of experience in repairing and securing foundations to homes, you can be sure the quality repair will be well worth the money you expend. Call or visit their website today to receive a free foundation repair quote from a qualified technician.