The Cost of a Damaged Foundation

The Cost of a Damaged Foundation

Your home requires a structurally sound support to remain erect and held together. It is your home foundation that holds it all together, and any damage that occurs can threaten the safety of your family. There are several common problems that can occur with a foundation.

Cracks and Collapse

While a tiny crack might seem insignificant against the larger structure of the home, the whole foundation could rumble if cracks are left unrepaired. Without a foundation, your house would collapse and be no more. A cracking foundation can become unlevel and cause the walls of the home to shift. As this occurs, it becomes more likely that a section of the foundation will buckle.

Damage and Depreciation

A foundation that shows signs of damage lowers the value of the home. Potential homeowners will look at the home foundation carefully, concerned that over time the walls may cave in or collapse if cracks widen or if rot and deterioration are evident. A home inspection will reveal any issues with the foundation, often requiring homeowners to address the problem before a buyer will sign the contract.

Maintenance and Repair

It takes skilled professionals to make repairs on a cracked foundation. Contractors can evaluate the extent of the damage and decide what must be done to recreate safety and stability for the home. Because of the serious nature of collapse or cave in, it is important to continually monitor the foundation for signs of damage. It is much easier to address problems earlier rather than later. Erosion near the foundation, improper rainwater drainage, or wide cracks create damage from water and invading pests. Not only would you have to pay to fix the home foundation, but you may need to call pest control as well.

Prevention is always the best approach to home maintenance and repair issues. The foundation is a crucial component of a home’s stability and safety. If you notice any cracks or signs of damage, be sure to call a contractor to have it evaluated.