One of the signs that your foundation is crumbling is seeing horizontal cracking in your foundation. The time frame for the placing of the faulty concrete is around from 1983 through 2015. If you are seeing horizontal cracking and your foundation was poured in that time frame you may want to contact a structural engineer to have your foundation tested for pyrrhotite.
A local quarry dispersed crushed stone that contained pyrrhotite to a near by concrete company that was used to pour these crumbling foundations. Now pyrrhotite on its own is harmless but when it encounters any kind of moisture it slowly eats away at the other chemicals causing the concrete itself to deteriorate.

Your first step in qualifying for state funding would be to fill out your application. You can find the application by visiting the state website for CFSIC (Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company) @

The state breaks the estimates into 3 sections. Section1 will show what the state will pay for. The state will pay up to $190,000.00 to fix your foundation. This will cover all construction and materials that are needed to remove and replace your foundation. Section 2 is not covered by CFSIC, these services will be the financial responsibility of the homeowner and is required to obtain a certificate of completion. An example would be re attaching or building a new set of stairs form the house back to the basement. Section 3 also is not covered by CFSIC and is not needed in order to obtain a certificate of completion. It includes work that the homeowner wishes to replace or have put in place. An example of this would be planting of shrubs or trees.

Once you the homeowner has received your signed participation agreement you are now ready to begin your project. The first step is to dig around the foundation exposing the faulty walls, footings, and floors. Once the foundation is exposed, we will then lift the house and remove the old foundation. The next step is to prepare for the new concrete to be poured. Once that is done, we will then lower the house safely onto its new foundation.
For a typical sized home, the homeowner is usually out of your house for approximately 6-8 weeks. We have a lot of success with placing families back into their house within the 6-week time period.
– If you are insured or have ever been insured by any of these three insurance companies, The Hartford, Travelers or Liberty Mutual there is a great chance that you could be reimbursed up to $25,000.00 each. Here are the links to help you get closer to receiving your reimbursement.

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