Protecting Your Home From Collapse Starts With the Foundation

Protecting Your Home From Collapse Starts With the Foundation

Your home wouldn’t be what it is without the foundation it has underneath. When ground movement, heavy rains, or soil settlement start to damage your foundation, your whole house in danger. The structure could be compromised, and any instability is a serious safety concern. Since home foundation repair isn’t something you should do yourself, be ready to call a contractor if you notice the foundation is compromised.

Early Signs of Foundation Damage

Over time, your foundation may be subject to crumbling, settling, or cracking because of weather elements, construction materials, or poor home maintenance. There are several things to look for both inside and outside your home to see if damage has occurred.

  • Cracks in the masonry
  • Leaning, bulging, or bowing foundation walls
  • Doors or windows that stick
  • Musty smells or water stains in the basement
  • Cracking along walls, masonry, or brick veneer
  • Structural changes with chimneys, such as tilting or leaning

Repair Options for Foundation Damage

The amount of damage done generally determines what kind of repair is needed. There are several common forms of home foundation repairs.

  1. Crack repairs occur where there are visible cracks allowing water to seep in. Water can create mold growth, but more dangerously, it can freeze and expand during the winter. Many contractors seal the holes with an epoxy filler.
  2. If there is a danger of your foundation crumbling from bowed or cracked walls, contractors will use jacks and reinforcing beams, as well as cement and poured block walls, to create new stability.
  3. Where there are problems with vertical settlement, your home foundation may require piering. The foundation is lifted up to the original position, and helical or pressure piering addresses the soil conditions that created the settlement.
  4. Basement waterproofing helps keep water from creating problems in the basement or the foundation.

Foundation damage isn’t something that should be taken lightly. It doesn’t take much for a side of the home to collapse or crumble as the foundation shifts or breaks down. Contact a professional contractor to assess your home foundation.