How to Tell if Your Foundation Is Reliable

How to Tell if Your Foundation Is Reliable

What’s the most important part of your house? You may think it’s the kitchen or perhaps the bathroom. But the answer lies lower than that. Your foundation holds up the entire structure. If it has problems, your whole house has problems. If your house requires foundation repair, you need to know it sooner rather than later. But how can you tell if your foundation is reliable?

Signs of Foundation Issues

Weather, especially rain and snow, can let water seep into the foundation and compromise its integrity. If the constructors who built your home cut corners, the concrete may have been inferior. There is no way to know if that was the case, but you can inspect your foundation for these signs:

  • Cracks in the concrete: Look at the walls in your basement. If there are large cracks in them, that is a sign that you may need foundation repair.
  • Crumbled concrete: Another sign that you may find in your basement walls or on the lower exterior of your home is crumbled concrete. Look for small pieces that have fallen from the foundation wall or concrete dust. This is a clear sign of an unreliable foundation.
  • Curvature of the walls or ceiling: If your walls seem to be bent and are curved rather than straight, you almost certainly need foundation repair. Likewise, a ceiling that is bowed and curved indicates foundation problems. Left unchecked, they could result in the collapse of your house.

Call a Pro

If you see any of the signs that indicate you need foundation repair, contact a professional construction company and have someone come out to inspect your foundation. This is far too serious a problem to ignore or deal with it yourself. A qualified builder will let you know what you need and can then do the repairs.

Your home’s foundation is its most important part. Check it periodically to make sure it’s reliable. At the first sign of trouble, call a pro to come and inspect it.