How To Know It Is Time To Repair Your Foundation

How To Know It Is Time To Repair Your Foundation

When homeowners notice that their foundation is cracked or they see the walls bowing, they often assume that the foundation is completely shot and needs to be replaced. This can be a very expensive undertaking that may not even resolve the issue that caused the problem in the first place. Even if you have a lot of home foundation damage, chances are good that repair is going to be the more cost effective, longer lasting solution.


There are two main ways you can reinforce your foundation’s walls without having to completely replace them. You can use carbon fiber strips to correct the problem of bowing walls. Their strength surpasses steel, and a professional builder can install them quickly and easily. Another repair option is a sister wall made of shotcrete. This process involves spraying a concrete specifically formulated for fortifying existing structures. Once the shotcrete dries, your foundation walls are stronger.


You can brace your home foundation walls with either anchors or beams, depending on whether builders have better access to outside or inside your home. If your basement is already finished or outside access is easier, foundation wall anchors are the better choice. After anchoring a plate in the soil, another plate is attached to the exterior foundation wall. Then a steel beam connects the two plates. If your foundation walls are tilting inward and inside access is easier, I-beams can be installed at intervals along the walls to hold them in place and stop them from tilting further.

Even if your home foundation is severely damaged, you don’t necessarily need to invest the time and money it takes to completely replace it, particularly if the problem in the soil around your home that led to the foundation issues cannot be resolved. It is better to repair your existing foundation by fortifying it through reinforcement, bracing or both.