Basement Foundation Repair – What You Should Know

Basement Foundation Repair – What You Should Know

Basement Foundation trouble can be caused by a variety of problems and it’s something you’ll want to get fixed right away. Cracks in your foundation can weaken your home’s structural integrity and eventually cause it to become unsafe. Check out this list of causes for foundation problems. Any of these issues can be easily fixed by calling a licensed contractor to do the job right.

Water Issues

There are two types of water issues. One happens when waterproofing isn’t done correctly and water seeps through the walls. In this case, waterproofing needs to be reapplied while water is routed away from the walls using directional dirt patterns in the yard surrounding your foundation. You can paint the inside walls with a sealing paint or add a true sealant to the outside of the basement foundation.

The other type of issue is when water creates cracks in your walls. These will need to be repaired and are often caused by temperature fluctuation between seasons. Small cracks require a simple kit to close them, but larger damage will require a team of professionals to be sure that it hasn’t created a problem with load bearing for the overall structure of your home.

Age Issues

Old age is another reason why foundations crumble. Older homes were built using bricks and mortar, or even stone, to create their foundations. Over time, the mortar will deteriorate and the walls will begin to cave. This can be fixed by having a contractor replace the mortar, or if the walls are sagging too much, replacing the foundation with cement. Do whatever it takes to improve the constitution of your home.

Now that you know the potential problems, you can watch out for signs of damage in your basement foundation. If you believe the integrity of your foundation has been impaired, be sure to call a professional for advice and create a plan to fix it before it takes your home.