Types of Foundation Problems and Repairs

Types of Foundation Problems and Repairs

Foundation issues in your home are extremely problematic. Although some foundation shift is expected in older homes, large shifts can cause major problems with your home’s structural integrity. In the case of large issues, a house foundation repair expert might be necessary. There are three basic types of foundation problems.

Large Cracks

Most large cracks indicate large problems. This could be large cracks in walls, floors or tile. If you can put your finger inside the crack, it is considered big enough for concern. For cracks this big, you will need to call in professionals. It is not something that you will want to attempt to handle yourself.

Sometimes these cracks might be indicative of something other than foundation problems. Other times the foundation issues that you can see are covering bigger issues beneath them.

Small Cracks 

It is always important to check out small cracks. Like large cracks, small cracks can indicate that there might be more of a problem. You will need to speak with a house foundation repair company to determine if the problem warrants an extensive inspection. These cracks are often easily fixed but only by someone who knows exactly what they are looking at. If the crack is fixed and there is an underlying problem, it could contribute to more issues later on.

Cosmetic Cracks 

If you are certain that the cracks are only cosmetic, they can be repaired with an epoxy or concrete. Unfortunately, deciding if these cracks are only cosmetic might be difficult for someone who is untrained. If you are even remotely uncertain, you should speak with a professional who knows your foundation type.

Regardless of what type of foundation issue you have, remember to take pictures before and after the repair. Then date those pictures. As time passes, these pictures will be able to help you determine if there is a larger structural issue with your home. If the cracks grow, even after being repaired, you will definitely need to consult with a house foundation repair specialist.