Contemplate These Flooring Options When You’re Interested in Bathroom Remodeling

Contemplate These Flooring Options When You’re Interested in Bathroom Remodeling

Hardwood floors across the living room, carpet in the bedrooms, stunning tilework in the kitchen; you’ve got all the flooring in your home mapped out, meeting your every expectation and wish. However, there’s one area you’ve had yet to consider: the bathroom. To help you get started, contemplate these various flooring options when you’re deciding to undergo a bathroom remodeling project.


Timeless Natural Stone

Natural stone has often remained a favorite among homeowners, and there’s a multitude of reasons why. Stone tiles are extremely long-lasting, able to handle a variety of situations including consistent water spills. They’re offered in an arrangement of patterns, tones and textures such as granite, marble or travertine. Most importantly, however, they rarely go out of fashion, making them a great choice for a long-term style you won’t need to renovate within a few years time.


Durable Bamboo Planks

This eco-friendly material is a superb flooring choice for bathroom remodeling. Low in cost and highly sustainable, bamboo is simple to install and works wonders when dealing with wet environments. Though it’s considered fairly durable, replacing any necessary boards is easy as well, making this option an affordable, stress-free opportunity.


Classic Porcelain Tiles

Potentially the greatest answer to bathroom flooring, porcelain is a favorite due to its characteristic of being impervious to water. This material is extraordinarily tough, prepared to fight against water damage, mold, bacteria and unappealing stains. The wide variety of colors and shapes to choose in the tile selection also allows for many creative patterns, making porcelain an optimal fit for your bathroom floor.


Choose a Floor That’s Right for Your Living Space

Your bathroom is your master oasis, and it should be treated as such when you’re choosing its design elements. When your bathroom remodeling project is underway, examine your array of options and pick the flooring that suits your needs. Whatever you choose, it should be something long-lasting, reliable and stylish enough for you to enjoy its presence for years to come.