Different Types of Home Foundation Repairs You Can Choose From

Different Types of Home Foundation Repairs You Can Choose From

When you make a long-term investment by purchasing a house, you are probably thinking about your family’s future. You can expect minor maintenance issues such as broken windows to crop up once in a while, but major repairs are usually unexpected. That is especially true of foundation problems that need to be fixed as soon as they are discovered. Here are some of the foundation repair types you can choose from when you need one.

Concrete Pilings

Pre-poured concrete cylinders are placed below the building’s foundation in an effort to provide support. Although more difficult to work with than piers, this has proven to be a tried-and-true method of repairing foundation issues.

Concrete Piers

Creating concrete piers requires that holes be dug into the ground. Concrete is poured into each hole resulting in the creation of a column. The resulting underpinning the piers make are used to support the house’s weakened foundation. This has proven to be an effective repair method.

Soil Injections

A less common but still strong foundation repair method involves shooting chemicals into the soil around the structure. Potassium ions and ammonium salts are shot into the soil to prevent the ground from absorbing water. This inhibits foundational water damages.

Resin Jacking

Also called mud or slab jacking, resin jacking pumps polyurethane resin under the foundation to lift it back into place. Areas with soil erosion issues often use resin jacking to bring the foundation back into alignment under the house.

Root Barriers

Tree roots can damage foundations as the tendrils bore through the cement. Root barriers are sheets of material around the building that prevent roots from getting to the foundation or destroying it. Copper and chemicals are both popular choices.

If you find your foundation needs to be repaired, ask your local foundation repair team about which methods listed above would be best for your home. You may be surprised at their answer.